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Monosugars from Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Corn Straw Pretreated by Ionic Liquids/N-Methyl pyrrolidone Mixture Solution for Microbial Lipids Production.Increasing concerns about global warming and diminishing fossil fuel reserves have stimulated much effort to use (ligno)cellulose as an alternative to petroleum for the production of fuels and chemicals.1 The dissolution of (ligno)cellulose in ionic liquids (ILs) resulted in a full release of all the functional groups and bonds from the well-organized strong hydrogen bonding matrix, which have paved an environment-friendly and homogenous manner to use (ligno)cellulose. However, the traditional ILs process need high purity ILs and over-dried (ligno)cellulose for an efficient dissolution pre-treatment process, and it is also a time-consuming process.2 Recently, we found that the mixture solution of 20 mol% ionic liquids 1-methyl-3-ethyl-imidazolium acetate and N-Methyl pyrrolidone NMP shows good solubility to (lingo)cellulosic materials. It was found that at 110 oC, 10 wt% of corn straw can be fully dissolved in 60 min. With the addition of anti solvents, such as methanol and ethanol, amorphous (lingo)cellulosic samples can be precipitated. Further submission of the regenerated sample for enzymatic hydrolysis demonstrated that they are high active for the digest of enzyme, and 72% yields of total reducing sugars is achieved after only 24 hours enzymatic hydrolysis. After removing the anti-solvents for the mixture by a retro evaporator, the mixture solvent system can be used for next pre-treatment process directly. The obtained monosugars solution can be submitted to the following microbial production of lipid process directly.3 In a word, our research demonstrated that a novel mixed solvent system shows better performance for (ligno)cellulose dissolution pretreatment than that of pure ionic liquids, and the utilization of high price ionic liquids is minimized, which presented an eco-environmentally friendly process for the conversion of agricultural waste into biodiesel.

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